About the Stories

What’s the question you first ask when you meet someone and want to find out about them? In some cultures you would ask first about family, children, relations; in our modern global society we ask first what their profession is. It’s their place in the productive process, and not status as a reproducer, that above all exemplifies them.
A professor of Cultural Studies once described to me the importance of acceptable habits: don’t do anything strange and don’t look too weird if you want to fit into a niche. This led to his maxim that what defines us is ultimately our job and that is why the first question we ask of any stranger is “what do you do” and not “how do you do”.
There lies the derivation of my interest in documenting the career pathways of several personalities which are fictionalised to an extent but based on real observation and life experience.
The short stories are related by their common focus on how the disparate experiences of the main character in each tale eventually converge at a destination. The narratives reflect upon the actions and emotions which link to place the person in the right spot, a unique position which perfectly defines the many aspects of their make-up and ultimate identity.

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