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A flash fiction/short story writer with an interest in the themes of cultural studies, travel, music, teaching, sailing and snow skiing.

Caravan Adventures in Victoria – we chose to go up to the Yarra Valley from Lakes Entrance because the coastal weather looked gale force. In Warburton it was alpine cold but not windy, good decision. Mornington Peninsula was great as the next stop and then a ferry to the start of the Great Ocean Road took us to Bells Beach where they had a surf carnival. We headed on to Cape Otway to the light house and a campsite right on the beach front at Skenes Creek

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The Traveller

The Antarctic is a land mass whereas the Arctic is a basin of water. Northern ice is a floating kaleidoscope of frozen sea and precipitate, windblown wave-twisted miles of endless white. Southern ice is the spawn of a mountainous land, … Continue reading

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The Trainer

The ambulance swerved around the first few corners as they reached the outer suburbs. It had been virtually all straight roads through the countryside and because their rescue mission had begun after midnight the traffic on the roads had been … Continue reading

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The Future

Despite the early winter dusk, in the abandoned underground railway tunnel below the city there was a dim glow from the shipping containers that had been set down about five hundred metres from the entrance. At this time of night … Continue reading

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What Mattered Then

What Mattered Then; What Matters Now. What mattered then was that the Great Barrier Reef was threatened with imminent extinction and I had not seen it yet. Headlines have often predicted the death of the coral reef. Even back in … Continue reading

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The Inventor

I am not an engineer I am an inventor. It is a different thing. Some engineers can be good inventors but I think it’s almost a problem for them. If people worry too much about all the technical stuff then … Continue reading

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The Smuggler

‘Hello, is that Mr Carter?’ ‘Yes, what can I do for you?’ ‘I am from the Australian Federal Police, calling from the airport. We have a man here who has you listed as his primary contact in Australia. Do you … Continue reading

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