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A flash fiction/short story writer with an interest in the themes of cultural studies, travel, music, teaching, sailing and snow skiing.

The Revolution

“While the Prime Minister had promised to roll out the program, The Digital Education Revolution, at a cost of $1 billion, it has now turned into a $2 billion program with half the number of promised computers. THOUSANDS of broken … Continue reading

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The Lost Daughters

Penny insisted the caller was impersonating her sister, screamed violent abuse down the phone line, hung up. Her behaviour was consistent with past performances which had led to an impression, rightly or not, that she could possibly be mentally ill. … Continue reading

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The Bush Concerto

THE BUSH CONCERTO The ocean swell disappears leaving the waters flat and unruffled except by the wind chop. To the south an intricate system of creeks pushes deep into the national park. The foreshores are rocky with the occasional swampy … Continue reading

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The Expedition

THE EXPEDITION “I am the albatross that waits for you at the end of the earth; I am the forgotten soul of the dead sailors who crossed Cape Horn from all the seas of the world; but they did not die in the … Continue reading

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The Pilot Car

THE PILOT CAR The ‘frontier’ was once a geographical classification: a desert, a mountain range, an axis of special representation. Metaphors such as ‘virgin land’ were coined to locate this as the place of the Other.  And still a kaleidoscope … Continue reading

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The Little Karoo

The Little Karoo The vineyards and orchards exhibit modern farming techniques; orderly rows of trussed and clipped plants respond to drip fed nutrients plumbed into their systems with sophisticated irrigation. Even the smart modern motorway escorts the visitor through the … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction and Short Stories

Based on real life experiences that are fictionalised to explore themes of development

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